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Marriage therapy for couples in crisis

The mission of marriage and couple’s therapy at TwelveTwo Counselling is to rebuild, renew and restore broken relationships by creating passionate, life-giving, emotionally connected relationships.
While some couples wait until the eleventh hour to seek help for a troubled relationship, it is my belief that there is always hope. Even in the face of such relationship trauma as infidelity, sexual addiction, substance abuse, job loss, or parenting conflicts, it is possible to find a way out of the pain and grief to a place of healing, forgiveness and restoration.

Through the use of Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy, couples learn to recognize their own attachment needs and fears and can learn to understand how these fears translate into problematic relationship patterns. Couples can learn how to re-establish that vital emotional connection by understanding what they do to sabotage the relationship when they feel threatened or disconnected from the person they love. As Dr. Sue Johnson states (the Developer of Emotion Focused Couples Therapy), “the need for compassion and deep connection is not an intellectual response but an emotional response”. We have an inherent need to develop a close emotional connection with those we love. When that emotional bond is threatened or fractured, we respond out of a place of fear.

With purposeful intervention, your relationship can be transformed and the deep emotional intimacy restored. I have extensive experience counselling couples and it is my passion to see your relationship restored and transformed. I will give you the tools to challenge and explore the hurt and pain that is creating the dysfunction and deterioration of your relationship and will teach you the skills to recreate a lasting intimacy and connection.

I believe we have reached a time in history where we are seeing an unprecedented breakdown of the family system. While I acknowledge there are extenuating circumstances that leave no alternative to divorce, I believe we owe it to ourselves and our children to do everything in our power to restore the love and passion in our marriages. One of the fundamental principles of TwelveTwo Counselling is to focus on the transforming power of hope in challenging the emotional disconnection that leads to the breakdown of trust and honour that is the cornerstone of healthy relationships.

Allow me to help you turn your relationship into a beautiful adventure.

Divorce Care

When couples are faced with a decision to divorce, the circumstances are traumatic for all; there is an incredible sense of loss and confusion, guilt and shame. Research indicates that parents in the throes of divorce experience a diminished capacity to parent as they struggle with their own emotional turmoil. Not surprisingly, children experience painful emotional, physiological, and psychological symptoms that parents may be ill-equipped to handle and that may persist into adulthood. Counselling can be a very supportive and practical way to navigate the process of divorce and can offer useful tools and skills to help you manage the emotional turmoil and distress and minimize the negative impacts this will have on your children.

Successful adjustment is possible but it requires a purposeful plan and a commitment to do your best for your children in a safe, trusting environment.


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