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The very nature of Depression is such that it makes seeking help a real challenge. But the great news is that for those who do, there is HOPE.

There are alarming statistics regarding the growing rate of depression in our nation, with youth being impacted as never before. However, the best evidence we currently have suggests that for most people, depression is NOT a biologically based disease and can be successfully treated. Biology is only a very small part of the story and the reason we can be hopeful about treatment.

For most people, depression is the result of a complex interaction of inaccurate beliefs, attitudes, interpretations, and responses to life and the world around us. We learn to rely on faulty behavioural and emotional responses, many of which have developed throughout life, and become patterns for the way we live. We lose our ability to have perspective and become stuck in our depressive way of being. In many cases, depression can be a valuable warning sign that something is wrong and needs our attention. The good news is there is compelling evidence that indicates people can and do get better and can learn very practical strategies and skills for improving current functioning and preventing future episodes.

Treatment: Your individual experience of depression is unique to you and therefore, your treatment plan should reflect your individual needs. I provide a very active approach to treating depression that helps you set realistic goals for improvement, using practical strategies and skills for coping with the stresses of life. I will teach you how to recognize your own destructive cognitive and behavioural patterns that lead to negative emotions and help you learn to manage difficult circumstances in a more realistic, successful manor. So if you are prepared to be an active participant in your life and are willing to engage in the process of change, there is absolutely HOPE.

A very close relationship exists between anxiety and depression, with many of the symptoms of each disorder overlapping. One can lead to the other and vice versa. While many individuals with depression experience a low mood and lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, the anxiety also adds the symptoms of irritability, nervousness, tension and worry. While worry and anxiety are part of normal human behaviour, individuals suffering with anxiety disorders experience significant distress and impairment in functioning. Many of the strategies for eliminating depression work very well with anxiety. Issues around anxiety may include:


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